the Wild Hymns



Originating from the luscious, rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, the Wild Hymns weave a multifaceted soundscape of dreamy folk-pop, singer songwriter, Americana, gypsy jazz, moody lounge and artsy, mellow rock & roll. Your mind is naturally taken to a soothing and uplifting wonderland. 


Initially a solo endeavor by singer-songwriter Megan Woodland Donley Hewitt, the magic of the project quickly expanded into a more collaborative affair with her husband, guitarist Jeff Hewitt and full band, adding the final touches to this gorgeous atmosphere of sound. 


Following their 2014 self-titled debut, The Wild Hymns toured regionally and nationally, establishing themselves and building a solid following. They released two subsequent albums in 2016 and 2018, ever-evolving in sound and style, and their newest and boldest collection of dreamy folk-pop tunes was released in June 2022 with their album, Eternal Return,  followed by national and international touring.